Have a nice day!

PeaceWhen your life takes a sudden turn for better or worse, you need to buckle down and ride through the storms or enjoy the peaceful river of joy.

When you feel the Universe is challenging you over and over. You need to take the time to step back and see what lessons you need to learn. If procrastination is louder than the voice of reason, the Universe will remind you over and over again, that you are not done learning this particular lesson. No matter how it is going to present itself to you, the same lesson will have to be learned.

You cannot move forward until you learn your lesson! To make matters worse the less you are willing to learn the more prolonged and agonizing the experience is going to be.

Having learned all my lessons, even the worst of the worst. I used to once or twice drag my feet knowing there was another one around the corner waiting for me. I have braved those storms to come to the other side a wiser person. I have asked, many times, when is this ride going to end!

In between your lessons you will have some time to recover, but those periods of quietness could become shorter and shorter as you are moving forward.

I have observed people who have a great life filled with feelings of bliss and contentment, and then, all a sudden, their lives become challenging and they have many lessons to learn. I started the other way around, from an improbable situation, how I grew up to where I am today. My journey has been filled with many challenging times, and some of those roads I took turned out to be extremely unpleasant but those are the ones that brought me where I am today.

As I am sitting on my chair, I can say I would not want to change the way things went for me. It is better I had to learn all my lessons from a young age until now. I am done with them; the rest of life is a nice highway full of sunshine and blissful moments.

So, have a nice day!