Let your pride aside before wishing them well

JourneyI am going to start with a story today.
When someone leaves your company for one reason or another, that person is now on his/her journey to create something they always wanted to do. Be happy for them, resentments and jealousy shouldn’t be part of the feelings you have towards that individual. Especially if you feel like you wished you could have been the one to think about that idea. You dreamed to create your own company but never did it.

Pride is something that is part of your ego, it should be tamed to the point to be nonexistent. I have seen people who were promoted that didn’t deserved that position but instead of being resentful, I wished them well.
If someone who is extremely gifted is leaving your company wish them well. You never know when or if they are going to contact you for a job in their new company. That position could be even better than the one you currently have.

Also, do not try to emulate what they are trying to create, you will not succeed either. When you are meeting people, who have the skills to create and materialized, you cannot compete you will only be a shadow or a pale copy. I would like to make this analogy, when women are purchasing counterfeit purses, the purses look and could feel the same as the authentic brand, but they are not. By looking closely, you can figure out it is not the real deal. Worst case scenario give it a few weeks before they fall apart.

Pride, jealousy and resentment are negative feelings that will dim your spirit and light and bring you down. You do not want those negative energies in and around you.

We all have our own journey, you need to step up to your own destiny. Stop looking at everyone else. “Mind your own business”.  Meddling in other people’s lives and being envious of their positions and possessions will archive nothing for you, except being perpetually unhappy and letting your own life pass you by. This is not what we are here to do.

Send well wishes to people on their journey, go back in your garden and clean up the weeds to let the seeds of inspirations grow and flourish. You have so much to contributes to this world.
We need all the positive light we can have right now.