How to keep healthy eating habits

habitsIt is difficult to have healthy habits when you see all the temptations around you. If you have a sweet tooth you can easily be swayed by the candy dish of your co-workers or Monday’s Donuts in the conference room. Going to the grocery store on an empty stomach is not such a great idea either. The smell of fresh cookies at the bakery could be even more tempting.

If you are a salty person, passing into the snack aisle could be even more dangerous. Looking at the latest chips with the delicious salsa from the deli could be a deal you couldn’t resist.

How about on the road? We don’t talk much about when you are traveling for business. Staying at the hotel eating junk food or indulging yourself in the latest burger place you have scouted before you left for your trip.
At the airport getting some snacks during a layover.

With everything going faster we are not taking the time to sit down and enjoy a meal. We need something on the go, quick and easy to eat.

How do you keep healthy eating habits when you are surrounded by temptation or a life on the road?

For someone who loves sweets this could be challenging. The craving for sugar can be difficult for some to withdraw from or going cold turkey even worst.  Sometimes you must take baby steps to archive your goal. We cannot ask people to remove their candy dishes. But what you could do instead of going for the candy, bring your own snacks.

If you are not allergic to nuts eat almonds, walnuts, or dry roasted peanuts. Bring your veggies to work, carrots and celery sticks are a great source of nutrients. Fruit, I would go with the Granny Smith apple because it is low in sugar. If you are not lactose intolerant yogurt, you have a wide array of them from plain to combo like fruit, cereal etc.

If you do not have the time to prepare fresh veggies or fruits, look in the produce section of your grocery store. You can find fresh-cut veggies and fruits ready to be eaten. At this point you do not have an excuse to start a new habit.

For individuals who are traveling for a living it could be a bit more challenging. Hotels have good restaurants that could offer lighter meals. Add a salad and some greens to your meal, yes, I know people are frowning. A potato is considered a veggie, but it is in the starch family.

Some hotels have butternut squash fries on their menus, instead of the regular fries switch to the butternut squash. It tastes like sweet potatoes, I know that because I eat a lot of butternut squash at home. I use it as a substitute for the potatoes, I like to bake them in the oven French fries style or cut into small cubes and roast.

If you are traveling, but arrive late and the hotel restaurant is closed, look at a fast-food restaurant, some of them are now offering healthier meals. If you slowly start to modify your order pattern your body will thank you for that.

You can retrain your brain and your behavior.
In the office, if you are taking the time to eat one snack between meals you should be able to slowly change your habits of eating junk food.
On the road start to order healthier meals

We all understand some of our habits, like eating junk food, could be a way to deal with our own emotions. Also, it doesn’t resolve the issue or issues you are facing, it is here to give you the illusion of comfort during that time.