How to stay in a state of gratitude

JoyOne of the most challenging tasks in today’s society, it’s to stay in a state of gratitude.
While living our lives at 200 miles per hour, it is unlikely most of us spend the time to reflect every day on what we are grateful for.

We are forgetting to go back to the basics. Every day we should be able to take 5 minutes, when the house is finally quiet, everyone is a sleep, turn off the TV or any distraction, take the time to look around and think what we are grateful for.

It could be as simple as I am grateful for my kids, I am grateful for my house, I am grateful for my mate, I am grateful for my job, I am grateful for my dog. I am grateful for the neighbor, I am grateful for Jill’s help today at work.

You could also create a journal entry to record your daily gratitude’s. It is a wonderful way to read what you are grateful about, also you can see how much you must be grateful for.

Being grateful doesn’t require you to climb a mountain or win the lottery, but it opens the door for more grace coming into your lives when it is the least expected. It is a great channel for good things to continue to happen to you.

You would be surprised, when you are channeling gratefulness into your life, how much you can receive from the Universe via other people or what we call perfect synchronicity. It only takes a couple of minutes of your time each day. It is a great way to start or end your day, either way you want to do it.

It shows to the Universe you are thankful for all the blessings in your life.  Going back to basics is what we are here for. As much as our life and distractions can take us away from those basics, we still need to be grateful to be breathing every day. Enjoying a sunrise, while we are getting ready for work, having a moment of peace at night while everyone is in their room.

What am I grateful for today? I am grateful I am writing this blog sharing the wisdom of the Universe to everyone around the world.

What are you grateful for today?