Why should we trade exotics animals?

TradeI am going to write about a controversial subject……exotic animals.
I just read about a two-month-old Bengal tiger that was found by a post office worker after a scan was completed on a box. He was sedated, without any room to move, no food or anything. He was in good condition, only dehydrated, wisely they transferred him to an animal sanctuary not the owner’s destination. An investigation has been initiated.

Millions of exotics animals, including endangered species, are being illegally taken away from their habitats or even breeds for the purpose of selling them to make money. Anyone with the money and right connection can buy them. Most purchasers are inexperienced and ignorant as to the needs of these animals. It is alarming to read stories like the one above. People would ship animals illegally, when they are found by customs agents some are dead, in poor or dire conditions and would, most likely, be” destroyed”.

To some individuals having exotics animals is cool, because it is the latest trend they want to be part of. Well, being cool doesn’t require you to have an animal who should be in its own habitats not in your house. A tiger, a monkey or a lion are not a pet. Most people have no clue how to care for them.

They are not a toy you can put on display for showing you are powerful or whatever your ego is whispering in your ears. When the animal has grown to its full size what do you do? Killed them, abandoned them? When you are tired of them what do you do? Do you go to the next one you feel you should own and start the nightmare all over again?

It would be nice if we could change roles for a moment. What if you became the exotic animals? Would you like to be shipped in a box via the post office? Then put one display and living in a cage or worst for the purpose to show your owner is cool? How would you feel about it, if it was you? Well, imagine how they feel when we do that to them? They are not born to be in your house, they are born to roam in the wild. They do not belong with you.

If you really need to be cool in your neck of the woods, I have a suggestion why don’t you spend the money supporting an animal conservation in Africa? If it’s not Africa choose another country. I am pretty sure if you give a big donation to any animal foundation you can have your name on display for the rest of the world to know it. If you do not want to support one why not create your own? This would have positive ramifications for you as well as the animals. You could help countless of animals to survive in their own habitats. It also will appease your ego, it is a win-win situation.

It is unfortunate that exotic animal trading is a big business. We should do more to stop this black market, animal conservation should be the number one priority. When those animals are found in poor condition the owner should be held responsible. Animal sanctuaries help them to recovered, they will never be able to go in the wild but at least it gives them a chance to live the rest of their lives happier.