Animals are not paper towels Part 2!

My Beautiful Wailua

My Beautiful Wailua:
She was the most beautiful gentle little sweet soul I have ever meet. Couple of years after I adopted Max, I went back to Pet Finder to see if I could find a mate for Malou. I searched for a few weeks, I saw the post about Wailua.  I contacted the shelter, we meet at a pet store near my home. When I saw her the first time she looked like a rat. She just got shaved but she was so petite. She did the same test, she got into my arms and didn’t move at all. I decided she is the one to go home with me. This time the foster mom came home with me to see where I lived and make sure my home was suitable for her. I remember, it was a Saturday, instead of confining her into a room I let her run around the house. She looked everywhere.  She was so quiet, to make it even better, Max did not realize she was in the house for three days. Her story is a sad one.  To begin, she spent the first 4 years of her life in a cage without any human contact. She was a “baby machine”.  What do I mean by that? She was used for breeding.  The people who had her, decided to retire and moved out-of-state. She was given away. A nice retired lady adopted her, she was living in a senior home and couldn’t have a dog, so she took her in.  This woman was quickly overwhelmed with the care she needed. Wailua’s hair was like cotton, she got matted very quickly. It got too much for her to deal with, so she gave her to the shelter. She had a beautiful life at home with me, she was always lying down behind me on the love seat. She would place her back paws on my face. She was the most gentle, sweet lovable cat ever. She had such a sweet little voice. She passed away at the age of 18. She only started to have health issues six months prior to her death.

As you can read, each animal I had was different, but I always was their voice during time of illnesses. I never gave up on them at any time. I always knew the Universe would provide for all of us at home. I always have them in my prayers. What helped each of them was the unconditional love I had for them. I do see them at home and hear them as well. Again, if you are not committed to going through the good and the difficult times with them do not adopt them. They deserve to be loved as with any creature in God’s creation. Some people don’t think animals have feelings, guess what? They do….