Standing still in the storm Part 2

stormIt is still dark outside, the river is still active, I am not ready to go back yet on my journey. I need to stand still in this storm by staying and resting in the cabin. The old man is sitting with a smile on his face, so much wisdom coming from is aura. His smile is calming, I can sense he has some advice to share with me. I am not ready to hear it yet.

As I am resting in the living room by the fire place, I have a feeling of peace coming upon me. I have more clarity, I feel safe. I know the Universe is watching and protecting me. I find myself grounded.  As the day goes by, I know I need to take the time to rest. It is challenging for someone who has braved many storms to do so. But this time the Universe is asking me to do it in order to finish the last leg of this challenge.

After a few days at the cabin, I am ready to hear what the old men has to say. He is sharing the wisdom of the Universe. As I am ready to go back on my journey, he is reminding me I am not alone the Universe has a great plan for me. I need to trust the process.

I am leaving the cabin, I give a hug to this wise man. I am ready to go back on my journey. I am walking back towards my boat, ready to face the last leg of my journey.  I turn around to wave goodbye. The cabin has disappeared so has the old man.

I stood for a few seconds, I start to smile, thanking everyone who is watching over me. It is a blessing to realized that when you need to stand still for a day, a week, the Universe will provide you with what you need. You must have faith.

As I am putting the boat into the water, I looked back one more time to see a beautiful eagle taking off. As I step into my boat, I feel ready to face the river and the last obstacles. The Eagle is above me following me along my journey.

I am paddling, while listening and absorbing, what the Universe is requiring of me to reach my destination safely.