Fishing with the snakes Part 1

FunLet’s have a little fun another childhood story.

We lived in a small town of 1500, there were a lot of wooded areas surrounding us. It was great.  My sisters and I used to walk in those woods for hours. There was a small river in one of the wooded areas, we used to go there in the summer time. it was a nice area, wondering around the river we saw there were many small fish in it.

One day the Little One and I decided to take a bucket with us. We wanted to catch some of those fish.  At the old farm where we lived, my grandfather had created a pond out of a large stone.  It was empty, and we wanted to add fish into the pond, so it would look pretty cool.

We did not have anything to catch the fish with, so we actually used our hands to catch them.  We were both lying face down on the huge flat rocks in the middle of the river. One hand in the water, waiting patiently for the fish to come by so we could catch them. It took us a couple of hours, but we got about ten baby fish.  We left excited with the forest fish catch in our bucket, going home as quickly as possible.

Upon our arrival home we showed our father what we caught, he was smiling, took the bucket and poured the contents into the pond.  He used a hose and added more water. We were so happy we got something fun and exciting to look forward to.  After the water was up, my father told us we needed to go back to the river to get the algae in order for the fish to eat. We looked at him a bit surprised, but we went back to the river to get the algae.