How to step out from living in our head!

move outToday I would like to talk about an Interesting topic. How can we step out from living in our own head.
I need to elaborate, sometimes when life is getting crazy or you are having a misunderstanding with someone we can go into our head? Replaying the situation over and over, getting angrier or frustrated. We can turn ourselves into victims, asking why me, why is this always happening to me. By doing this we are lowering our energy level from positive to negative.

How can we get off this mental ride that sabotages us? Instead of replaying the situation in a loop, start to ask yourself the following questions:
What are the facts of the situation? The fact is not the emotion you are feeling about it.
Acknowledge and Release it: These are the facts, I cannot change it, it is what it is.
What can I do about it? If you release it, you let go for you to find a solution.
It takes some practice before you can start stepping back automatically and look at the situation.

I am going to give you an example: You have made a purchase without checking with your mate. He found out about the purchase. What started as a conversation escalated into a bad argument. You both are upset, and now, in the back of your head you are playing the argument over and over. It will take few days or weeks for you to calm down.

Let’s replay the situation with a fresh look.
look at the facts: You made the purchase without talking to him. He asks you about it.
Acknowledge/Release it: Yes, I did it, I let it go
What can I do about it? Work on having better communication with your mate, also apologized to your mate.

By doing this you can avoid not only a bad argument that would have involved hurtful words to each other and possibly prolonged anger. You changed the situation quickly. You didn’t have to be stuck looking at a closed-door, you moved out of that situation.

You can use this for any situation from personal to professional.

Look at the facts of the situation, acknowledge, release and see what solution will come up at the end.

Being stuck in your head doesn’t help you to move forward, it is like an anchor that blocks you. It is not in your best interest for you or anyone around you.