Ode to Unconditional Love

LoveToday is the day when love is in the air. I decided to rename it the Day of Unconditional Love, why not change it to become universal?
Cupid is busy with his arrows right now, sending loving feelings. But I would rather send unconditional love to everyone around the world.

It is the appropriate day to send it as beautiful gifts to everyone. We need more love and peace; the light needs to shine upon all of us. We need to let our negativity fade away and raise our energy to the highest level.

We do not need to do much to make someone’s day, a smile, opening the door, a kind word, sharing a laugh, or a meal.

Our world needs more love, more compassion. A simple action can raise our energy sending ripples of positive energy to everyone surrounding us. One person can make a difference. You do not need to do something big, just one simple gesture will affect your surroundings in a positive way.

Unconditional love is the most beautiful form of energy that will boost positivity into this world. It is the purest form as well, because you are sending an energy into the world that will come back to you in the most beautiful form.

For the readers of my blog I am sending you unconditional love. To anyone that needs to feel the love, where ever you are, I am sending it to you. Let the Universe show you what unconditional love is, no matter what the outer conditions of your life happen to be.

Once you are open to receive it, the embodiment of this feeling will stay with you for a moment, a day or the rest of your life. It will bring you the peace you need, the beauty this world has to offer at your door.