Taking some vacations from our lives

LoveAre you planning on taking any time off this year? Most people are saying “no” or “at year’s end”. If you cannot take or afford to go somewhere, why not take one day off once a month? It could help you to rejuvenate or recharge your batteries to have a three days weekend.

You can plan to have a walk or a day at a spa. You could also make it a fun time with your friends. If you have a mate, you could go to a bed & breakfast for a couple of days outside of town. Sometimes you do not have to travel far to enjoy a relaxing outing.

Imagine money and time are not an issue, where would you like to go? How long would you like to stay there? What would you like to do? After you visualized the vacation of a life time, why not add it to your wishing list or your vision board? You never know what the Universe can do for you.

I have shared, I think, the story about swimming with the dolphins. I always wanted to swim with the dolphins.  A few years ago, I told someone about it. Three months after I shared that thought, I received an unexpected sum of money. I was able to book a trip and go swim with the dolphins. It is an experience I will never forget.

Why not look at what you can do to take some short or long vacations from your busy life. Use the tools you have if you do not have the means to go. The vision board is a great way to help you manifest your desires.
Let the Universe works its magic for the perfect synchronicity to unfold.

Our mind is the most powerful tool we have. Use it to create your own world, your own destiny. Life is challenging as it is, it would be nice if we can all take a break from it.