Are you living your life from your spirit?

LoveAs I am sitting in my chair, looking through the window, the sun is slowly rising. I am reflecting on last Friday, it was interesting to connect with different individuals. Letting my spirit be free has opened many avenues that would not have been possible otherwise.

Seeing the world in a different light can make you, at times, the odd ball in the bunch. But it can also be more entertaining and refreshing as well. You can put a smile on someone else’s face, while sending them love. You can lift spirits and bring encouragement to others.

There is nothing wrong with being different. I should know that, since I have been different since day one. Let your spirit be free. We are living too much in conformity, it is time to let ourselves be who we truly are. We are colorful beings, we shouldn’t be labeled or put in a box to make anyone else feel “secure”. Most people would react in a defensive manner if something appeared out of their comfort zone. We all have done that at some point.

When you live your life from your spirit not your ego, you can easily see everyone’s true self. You do not have the tunnel vision you had before. You can see their true potential but also their limitations. What do I mean by limitations? How we got conditioned as a child, how we believed who we are, which is an illusion that has been created by others, let me give you an example.

I met a beautiful person, her name is Kim, she has lived her life in the conformity she was brought up, she never let her spirit be free. She was asked what her dream job would be if she didn’t have to worried about money. She loved to read romantic books, she mentioned she would love to write them. I mentioned to her she could, as a matter of fact, do that easily at practically no cost by starting a blog. She looked at me and you could feel her ego creating that invisible barrier. She was paralyzed by fear, but you could see her spirit wanting to do it. I walked her through what she needed to do to get started.

Sometimes our ego has a bad habit of giving us the illusion of not being good enough or give us the lack of confidence that paralyzed us to take one step forward. It confines us into a small room with the fear that if we are going outside of that room, we could be exposing ourselves to the worst of the worst. When in fact, the ego, by trying to keep us safe is doing more harm than good.

With today’s technology’s Kim could start her blog in the comfort of her own home.  She could start it as a hobby, it could be read around the world to the delight of some avid readers. She doesn’t have to quit her job to do that.
If you have a passion like Kim, you do not have to start big if you do not have the means to support it. You can start small and work up. Regardless your age, you are never too old to start to live your passion and let your spirit be free. If people think your different, so be it, embrace it, enjoy it, life is too short. If you need guidance or clarity contact me I will be delighted to help you.