Being Single In Valentine

LoveValentine’s Day is just a few days away, everywhere you go you see stores that have valentines on full display. My previous blog was about couples and valentines. Today I would like to approach this celebration through the eyes of a single person.

Not everyone has a mate, when valentine’s week is approaching, you can see love is in the air. Many romantic moves are coming that week. Couples are looking for “their nights” but what about single people?

It can be a difficult time for some of us, hearing co-workers making plans. Friends that are excited to go out-of-town for a romantic getaway. Some of us can experience a breakup just before Valentines, feeling depressed and lonely. Others could absolutely care less about that day, not being phased at all.

For the ones who are feeling vulnerable, thinking there is something wrong with them because they are single, they should stop focusing on the negative side, shift your mind to the positive side. You may say what is wrong with you Emma! What do you mean a positive side??

Well if you know people who are single around you, why not have a little party of your own? Call it the “Not So Valentine’s Day” or “Loving being Single on Valentine’s Day”. Gather together the people you know who do not have a “love interest” during that time. Ask them if they have friends who would like to come over and join the party. Remember, the more the merrier. Have a “potluck” meal, play games, enjoy an adult beverage. I assure you this is more fun than sitting alone feeling depressed and sorry for yourself. Remember there is someone for everyone, you just need to find that person and you will.

If you are single, remind yourself, first you need to love yourself before you can love someone. You have the possibility to accomplished what you have on your wish list. If you do not have one it is time to create one. Being by yourself is a great opportunity to know who you are. Sometimes we associate ourselves with the wrong person for the wrong reasons. Spending time on your own is a great experience to learn what you like and what you don’t like.

When you are truly ready to have that special someone in your life the Universe will make sure you are going to meet the “ONE”. Not everyone will meet their mate in their 20s it can take longer than that. We all meet our love at different ages. I have a friend who met her mate right out of high school, one of my Uncles meet is future wife when he was 45. Be patient, someone is waiting for you….