Surviving Valentine’s Day Part 2

LoveLet’s be a little controversial, yes, I must question a few things, no I am not Debbie Downer, but I like to challenge the order occasionally.

Last year consumers spent $18.2 billion for Valentines, the retail landscape for this specific day has evolved to include decorations, fashions, in addition to candy, flowers, cards, food/restaurant and jewelry. This is great for the economy but could hurt your wallet.

This is where I am going on thin ice, Valentine’s Day is the day to show your love and affection to your loved one.
Why wait one day to show how you love your mate???? Everyday should be valentines, not once a year. A simple gesture, a note you left on the counter for him/her. A nice text during the day, it doesn’t take much time, but it shows how much you care. I have witnessed some individuals in the past, that acted like they were going to jail that day. They were so reluctant it was hilarious to hear them complaining…. It is just one day mate this is not the end of the world. So, cheer up!!!

Why someone would wait to propose that day?? I would rather have my mate doing the proposal any other day than that day. With the pressure to make everything right between the restaurant and everything else. It makes it even less fun. Imagine you had to wait 45 minutes before you could reach the table. You are now starving, the waiter is in a bad mood, you had to wait another 15 minutes to start to eat. You are starting to not enjoy the dinner. By the time you get the dessert on the table you went to go….

Jewelry for the ladies, yup this is big business for the jewelers. You are going to have to pick a nice sparkling 1 to 2 carat center stone most likely a diamond. I have known some ladies that have refused the ring because it wasn’t big or sparkling enough, the poor guy had to go back to the jeweler and upgrade the ring… Be aware if you are the cheap kind, it could be a deal breaker for your mate.

Let’s talk about the flowers, most people purchase red roses, sorry I am not a huge fan or red roses. I like orange, pink, white or beautiful vibrant two-tone colors. I can hear some of you saying it is too expensive why not get some petunias instead. Unless you want to be in the dog house or dumped this will never happen. Also, most florists are increasing their prices.

How about the chocolates? Some brands are not that great. Why buy something that could be expensive but have no taste? If you have the time, you should check if you have a chocolatiers or specialty store that makes their own chocolate candy. If you are on a budget most of the stores are discounting them, you can try to get some on Valentine’s Day but be aware the choice could be limited.

I know it looks like I am starting a riot against the establishment, but I am not. Well not entirely true but let’s go with that for a moment.
You may ask, since you have argued in part 2 with everything how are you going to spend Valentines in a desert?

I like to spend my valentines at home with my mate. He will be cooking, while I will set up a nice candle light table. I probably will join him in the kitchen to be his sous-chef. I will have his favorite dessert in a fridge. No TV just a nice smooth jazz in the background, both of our phones will be on mute or off. It is a time for us to connect and enjoy each other.

Again, if you try to use my arguments or would like to start a new tradition with your mate make sure he/she is in the loop. It could be a nice way to celebrate valentines unless they are expecting you to take them out that night.