Surviving Valentine’s Day Part 1

LoveI am exploring today the expensive and stressful time of Valentine’s Day.
Be aware Mr. or Ms. cheap, do not try to use my arguments below unless you want to sleep on the coach for the next six months or in the dog house until Christmas time….

This year it comes on a Wednesday, this means you will have to make a reservation the weekend prior or after for your favorite restaurant. Unless she/he expects you to go that Wednesday night. Either way, the restaurants are going to be overbooked. What this means to you, the food will be OK, the waiter will be stressed out trying to make you leave faster so the next couple can take your spot. It feels like much more of a factory that night. But again, you must make sure your sweetheart enjoyed his/her dinner.

Now, for the ones’ who are going to propose tonight, this is a big deal. You need to not only be on your “A” game but have the right ring. Then you need to have your speech ready, the delivery should be on one knee. She/he can say yes or no depending how they really feel about you.  Most likely it will be yes…..

Remember you must also buy your dozen red roses and chocolates, with a beautiful note in the bouquet you had delivered at work or the one you’re re going to bring home.
This is rush time you are too busy to get things done, if you make one mistake you are not going to hear the end of it for a longtime.

You will spend a few hundred dollars just for that night. If you are going to propose it could run up to several thousands of dollars.

I have nothing against Valentine’s Day, but I, personally, have never liked going to a restaurant for that celebration. You must make your reservation at least 2 to 3 weeks ahead. When you arrive at the restaurant you must wait 45 minutes to 1 hour to finally sit down. Your waiter is busy running around dealing with the other tables. When finally, he/she gets to you, they are stressed out, short in their conversation. I never felt it was enjoyable. Per some of the waiters feedbacks I had, it is one of their busiest nights. This is where they must put “the pedal to the metal” and get going. You cannot enjoy each meal or even take the time to speak after you are done eating. They are ready to push you out of the door to have the next customers for that table. I understand it is a big tip night as well.