Are you feeling the love today?

HeartTake a deep breath, close your eyes and slowly exhale, repeat these three times. The fourth time open your mouth and let the breath out with the sound “ha”.

Feel your heart chakra opening, letting the energy come through.

With your eyes closed visualize you are in a beautiful place, it could be the ocean, the mountains, a place that brings you peace and love.

Let the feeling of that place envelop you, surround you. You can feel this beautiful place; the birds are singing. You can hear, near by a source of water. It is peaceful, a soft and warm breeze is touching your skin. You are relaxed, imagine from afar your mate is coming towards you. He/she is coming barefoot with a basket.

You are smiling at the vision of love; your heart is racing. You can see your mate smiling back at you. It is a beautiful moment. Both of your hearts are in perfect synchronicity. You are walking side by side toward a beautiful gazebos.

The smell of the lilacs is enchanting, the colors of the flowers are beautiful. It is quiet only the two of you are here, a beautiful blanket is covering the floor. Inside of the basket your favorites food is ready to be consumed. As your mate is reaching inside of the basket, you are softly pulling him/her near you. Thanking him/her for the beautiful surprise.

You can see by looking into his/her eyes, the love, that love that made you fall in love with he/she. This beautiful unconditional love, you are feeling light-headed. It is a magical moment, everything is perfect. As you are leaving the picnic behind you following the path of stone towards the porch, you are climbing the stairs toward the hammock.

You are laying down with your mate in the hammock. Gently your mate places his arms around you, the slow swing of the hammock makes you fall asleep. You are feeling safe and loved, the slow breath of you mate cradles you into a deep sleep.