Etiquette for your first job Part 2

JobFor the newly fresh out of school person, you need to take a few things into considerations from this true story.

When applying for a job make sure you have a full grasp of the job description. During your initial interview with the hiring manager, have them explain to you the job in details. Ask for their expectations of the candidate they would like in that position.

If you are lacking one specific skills, take the time to learn it or like I would say “get a crash course” so when you are on the job you can at least have a grasp of what to do.

Taking on a job for the first time, you are going to do what we all have done; jump with both feet and try to learn to swim. Not fun the first week but it gets better. It is overwhelming you are going to spend long hours at work. Most people do not grasp that notion they think “I will do 8 hours and be done”. You will most likely be spending 9 to 10 hours on average to get things done.

When accepting a new job, remember, the company sets the working hours, not you. If you are used to staying in bed in the mornings, do not accept a job that starts early. You will be tired, and no one likes to listen to a complainer about the hours. They have the same hours you do. In the case of Jennifer, I used to be at the office between 3:30AM and 5:00 AM so I had a very surprised look on my face when she was complaining about having to get up that early.

The dress code I wrote about in my previous blog, showing up wearing inappropriate clothing will make you stand out but not for the right reasons. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars for a wardrobe, you can go to thrift shops, there is also online discount website to name a few. When I started in corporate we had to wear suits I was able to find some at the thrift shop, or events like the cancer society garage sales. I didn’t break the bank to get what I needed. Even with a tight budget, like I had, I was able to get my wardrobe started.

Now let’s talk about the latest trend, the 20’s something women are doing right now. Raspy voices, it seems like younger ladies are doing it for whatever reason, it is neither sexy or cool if your voice is not raspy by nature. It is quit irritating, everyone at the office was appalled by it. It is so fake you could hear it. I personally, at times, had to use my headphone set, turning the volume up to not hear it. If you are doing it ladies, please stop. To be honest Jennifer had a very nice voice during the interview. Use your natural voice, if you want to be sexy outside of work speak softly this will do the trick.

Wearing your blankets in the office, this one was a first. You are not at home but in a working environment. Co-workers, managers, clients, vendors, suppliers are walking around you. Imagine for a moment you are a client coming for the first time in your office for a meeting. You see someone walking around with their blanket looking like a sick person. What would be your first thought? The first things that would come to mind “is that person sick??” If so, I am not staying but leaving, I do not want to catch what they have. What kind of company would make someone sick working in the office? You are representing your company does it look professional to you? I must admit when I saw it, I was laughing for hours.

I admitted it was cold in that office at times, therefore I always had my pashmina or a duster. Remember this is not your home, this is a work environment regardless of the size of the company. In the past we had maintenance installing filtered air diffuser, it helped to dispersed air evenly throughout the office instead of being blasted in one area.

Working for the first time in corporate you need to make the distinction it is not a fraternity neither a sorority house. We are not all buddies, we do not want to know all about your binge drinking the night before. Do not called us ‘Hey’ but by our first name. The fridge is not your personal tasting ground especially if this is not your food. When there is a luncheon use your good manners, meaning, do not put half of the dish on your plate. Other people would like to eat.

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