Etiquette for your first job Part1

JobI would like to share this story about a first job, this story happened recently. I think it is important to share it with anyone who will be working in the corporate world.

Entering the corporate world can be extremely exciting especially if you are landing your first job. You finally got the opportunity to apply for a position and got hired.

Jennifer submitted her resume for a position as a marketing coordinator. Her resume was selected among others, she passed her first interview. She was selected for the second round of interviews. I was in the interview with the VP for me to give him my feedback. I had a chance to review her resume before the interview. While I was reading it, I saw she wanted to be a manager, every role she had she always was the leader. At the time of the interview, I ask her a simple question ” it is not a manager position how do you feel about it?’ Her response was off, I asked twice again, and she again never answered the question.  When we left the room, Chris asked me what I thought, I told him she wants to become a manager which will never happened for her.  If they hired her, she is not going to stay, I give her 3 months before she quits.

Chris gave our feedback to the hiring manager. So, Jennifer got hired despite the warning. Her first day arrived, she was cheerful so were we. As she was doing the round to meet everyone, she did stop by my desk with another person from the marketing team. I greeted her with a big smile, looking forward to having her on board working on keeping up all the websites. As I was giving her some of the rundown on tasks the sales team was expecting to have her do for them her face was starting to unravel, I could see by looking at her, she wasn’t going to do anything of that sort because she was way over her head.

The next day she was in the office around 8:00AM. I didn’t hear her coming, she was sitting on the other side of the partition wall from me. Pat arrived a couple of minutes after her. I greeted him, before he had a chance to respond to me. We heard her starting to complaint about the fact it was too early for her. She never gets up that early she was tired. This went on for a few minutes, while she was complaining Pat and I looked at each other with a stunned expression on our faces. She proceeded to sit down, Pat finally had a chance to greet me back.

Her choice of clothing wasn’t the best either she came to work for three days in extremely shorts skirts and see through dresses.  It took her 4 days until she finally got the hint it wasn’t the right choice of clothing to wear at work.In the same time, she finally got the dress code more appropriate, her voice went somehow raspy. For the next 3 month we had to endure this fake raspy voice. She had a very nice natural voice but somehow decided to use that raspy voice that sounded like fingernails on the chalkboard.

It was cold in the office, she decided to bring a blanket, yes you read it correctly a full-size blanket. I didn’t realize she did that until one day she just got up went to pick up something from the printer wearing this like a sick person. It wasn’t a big office, but customers, vendors and partners would visit every day.

As the time passed she couldn’t pick up the work she was supposed to do, she was always complaining about being tired all the time. It wasn’t going well, after three months she finally gave her notice. A friend of hers got her a job as an office manager in another company.