What is the wildest thing you did at work?

SurpriseI had to go there today, since I am still feeling a little mischievous from yesterday’s blog.

I would like to know what has been the wildest thing you have done at work. How much fun was it to do?

I have worked in different places around the world. I used to work at the Cub Med. If you do not know what the Club Med is, it was created in the late 50’s. They are villages where you go to spend your vacations, there are activities you can do during the day depending on the location of the village you choose. It could be for a single person or for a family vacation. It is a great place for people to relax for sure and eat good food.

It was my first village, Opio, a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere, extremely quiet, breathtaking and serene. We worked from sun up to sun down with rehearsals at night after the show. Sometimes the rehearsal would end around 2 in the morning and up the next day around 5 or 6 AM. Long days but you are so much on the go you do not have the time to realized how long the hours are.

Every night we had a show like a Las Vegas show. We were on stage dancing, but also, we had casino night where we played roulette, blackjack, etc. to entertain the GM (gentil membre) or guest if you prefer. The Chief of the Village also had after parties in one of the bars where it was more like standup comedy or singing for an hour or two. It was amazing. I had the privilege to meet a lot of celebrities that would come and stay there for a few nights.

I even remember when I arrived at the Village the first person I saw was Pascal Legitimus, he is French comedian. No, I didn’t run towards him for an autograph, I like to respect people’s privacy.

I was part of the fitness group, we had chiropractor in our group. Once a day one of them would lead a meditation class for about 45 minutes. I do not recall what happened but a few months after I started, we had an issue there was no one who could do that class. I was speaking with my lead, I let him know I could probably do it. He agreed to let me take over the class.

I spoked briefly to one of the Chiropractor asking her how she teach the class, within a couple of minutes she gave me the rundown. She also gave me the tape she was using for the music. I must admit at that point I was scared to death, since I had never lead a class in my life. But since I named it I claimed it. That afternoon I walked into the room ready to do it, I had about 20 people waiting for me.

I lead the class through the meditation, within 10 minutes the entire class was in deep meditation some even falling asleep. I ended the session by slowly bringing everyone back to an awakening state. It was interesting, everyone looked refreshed. They never knew it was my first class. The next day they all came back with additional people. Each time I was able to guide them through the meditation. I even had a few individuals that were extremely vocal about mediation, I was able to guide them through it. Within a minute they were in a deep mediation state or asleep. I also had blankets I used to cover people or asked them to wear pants and long sleeves shirts, most of them got cold during the process.

When I started that very first class, I channeled the Universe to guide me through the mediation. The information I got from my teammates was good but unless you feel it, it would not have worked. I did my own version of the mediation she did. It worked like a charm.

The Club Med was a great place for me since I am shy by nature. Yes, I am, no matter what you think, it was a great place to be pushed beyond my limits. I had the privilege to do other things that I would not have been able to do. Good memories and I have a picture to prove it…… Maybe, one day, I will explain what went on behind the scenes as well.