How to properly dress at work

FashionI am going to share a couple of stories about dress code:

Before 1995 most corporations never had a casual day. In the spring of 1995 corporations took a big leap to have Casual Friday. It was a big deal at that time, employees were able to actually wear jeans one day a week. During the week ties weren’t required, a pair of slacks, nice shirts or polo became acceptable.

I was at that time starting to work in the corporate world, hearing this news was a big deal. So, started Casual Friday, at first it wasn’t bad at all but then came summer time. Imagine you are working downtown for a billion dollars company, some of the male employees traded their jeans to wear old shorts and T-shirt accessories with an old pair of dirty sneakers. Their entire appearance looked like they were ready to go to work in the garage or in the yard. It was pretty bad, finally a memo was sent to the entire company with some guidelines about Casual Friday, but it took them a couple of month before they decided to do it.

Fast forward to 2018, let’s revisit the dress code at work. We have for the past 20 years relaxed the rules of the dress code at work. But people still need to be reminded, you are representing your company at work and on the road. With social media a lot of people are now branding themselves like the Kardashian’s. Having your own still is great but when it comes to work you still need to style yourself accordingly.

If you are going on field training that requires you to wear safety shoes and long pants do not show up in flip-flops and shorts. You will be denied access to the training and sent back to change into proper attire. It shows disrespect for the trainers and makes everyone who dressed properly waste their time.

Also, if you are working in corporate made sure to wear adequate clothes ladies. Again, what the latest trend is on the street or what any reality tv person is wearing doesn’t mean it is suitable for the office environment. You need to realize this is their job to dress the way they are, after all they are their own brand

We do not need to dress up like the 1800 century, but your choice of clothing reflects on your company. Customers and clients are sensitive to it, having your own style is fabulous but you need to make sure it is appropriate. You also do not want to show up at a company gathering or meeting where everyone can see your belly button, or you cannot sit because your dress/skirt is too revealing. It could be entertaining for the males but at the end of the day it is not going to give you the credibility you need at work.

When you are wearing inappropriate clothes at work, you are sending the wrong messages. Others can perceive you in a wrong light as well. For the past year women have come together to stand up for themselves about sexual harassment. People should know you because of your brain not your looks. The most beautiful attribute you have believed it or not is your brain.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my high heels and short skirts, but I make sure I keep my professional look even though it could be edgy at time appropriate.