A reflecting moment in the life of a warrior

LifeAs I am sitting in my office watching the sunrise through the windows, a fresh coat of snow is covering the ground, the furnace is working, heating my home. I am reflecting on how far I have come the past few months, and what direction I am taking this year.

Life has not been a smooth ride, but I am in the right place at the right time. The Universe has given me so many opportunities the past few years, but my fears/ego was too strong, I was frozen, scared to make a move. My faith in myself was strong but not strong enough to take that first step. It took a horrifying event to finally “name it and claim it”.

Writing has been amazing, I didn’t believe it when a few years ago someone told me I would be writing. I smiled but how would it be possible? My mind was so far from where I am today. Again, perfect synchronicity, the Universe will do the unexpected.

Like everyone else in our journey we have many opportunities, some predictable and some life altering.
We are constantly changing.  If you look back at your twenties, you were not the same person you are today. You have evolved, hopefully, becoming mature and have a better understanding of the world.

Fighting against the world at twenty, ready to fight every battle to get to where I needed to be. Then finally realizing the most important thing on the edge of 40 is hearing what my spirit was shooting loudly “I want peace and love”.

Yup, it’s like more water than wine in my glass. Starting to finally realize, what was my biggest lesson in my journey, having peace and love in my life. The warrior in me has now retired to let her spirit lead the way, just enjoying people and time. Be aware, this warrior maybe retired but it doesn’t mean she is gone. Occasionally it may resurface if necessary.

Creating a better world for everyone always starts with ourselves. We cannot make changes, if we do not start to lead the path. We are like the domino effect when one falls so do others. If we lead with peace and positivity, those energies will combine with everyone else to form a strong vibration. That vibration will start to draw more people, to connect people together.

As the sun is now rising slowly in the sky, so is life. The only one who is still sleeping is Miss Caramelle Pépettes, her snoring is now taking over the noise of the keyboard I am using to write my blogs. It is a beautiful day, I am expecting the unexpected from the Universe.