Always expect the unexpected

SurpriseWhen we are lost in our own thoughts or our ego is louder than it should be, we cannot expect good things to come our way. We are so caught up in our own world letting fears or anxiety run “the show” we cannot see the blessings in disguise gracing us.

Good things happening in front of us, opportunities opening to us. We need to find a way to let our ego fall asleep, instead of letting it run our lives. We all have a “survival mechanism” to cope with situations. We need to make sure we are not letting it be in the driver seats 24 – 7.

Anxiety will trick us into believing everything is wrong or we are in “danger”, in most cases we are not. It is an illusion, a state of mind that blinds us from reality. We are not grounded anymore, instead we are all over the place in a state of flux.

If we take the time to step back and breath, we can realize this was only triggered by a false sense of insecurity. In some cases, it is an issue with controlling a situation. We need to realize the only thing we can control is our reaction. We cannot control the outer condition where we are living, but we can control how we project our thoughts and actions.

Life is a river, we are in our own canoe paddling along, trying to master our journey in this river that could be changing from raging to peaceful at any given time.  The outer conditions are our life’s lessons, we need to master them in order to move on. Otherwise it will repeat itself until we finally get it, sometimes you can spend a lifetime on one lesson, and at the end you may or may not have learned it.

Keep in mind to always expect the unexpected even in the worst moment of your life. You could be surprised that the outcome you were expected didn’t happen, instead you had a pleasant outcome that you never saw coming. I just had this situation happen this morning, while I was expected something unpleasant for me to read, I was surprised to read something completely different.

After reading the letter, I smiled, l just told myself loudly you need to relax. The energy of anxiety left me, I grounded myself back. I can see everything coming my way and it is beautiful.