Are you willing to do what it takes to realized your dream?

GoalIn today’s essay, I would like to ask you the following question, what is your ultimate dream?
We all have dreams, to be a doctor, an actress, a top model, a successful entrepreneur or a housewife. Yes, even becoming a housewife for some of us can be the ultimate goal.

Have you ever thought about it? In today’s world, we can read via social media, how people are reaching their ultimate goals. Actually, how many of you are living your dream?  What did it take for you to make it happened?

Some millennial believe they can rise to the top overnight without doing the work to get there. Listening to the successful story of Facebook, most individuals have fantasies about how it happened, a movie was made but again this is Hollywood, not everything has been told. The younger generation is presumptuous, believing they can become a billionaire before the age of 30. Thinking their first job will be a manager position, but within 5 years they will be the rising star, at the top of the heap.

Watching the Kardashian’s displaying their lifestyles can make one assume it is that easy. To be at the level they are, you need to do the work like Kris has done as a manager. She was able, as good business women, to market her family as a product. She found the right strategy to make it last. After all of these years she is now at the head of a pretty powerful company. All her daughters are pretty successful no matter what opinions people have of them.

You also need to look behind the scenes and what it took for them to get there. Having a successful company is one thing, but being able to get their and keep it going is what takes a lot of thoughts and strategies. Anyone can come up with a great idea or concept.

How do you move from the idea to reality? You need do your homework, meaning put the time and work into drafting a plan. The plan will help you navigate to get to your goals. Aligned yourself with the right people who can help you to build your company. To run a successful business, you need to create a solid foundation from customer service, to marketing, finance etc. Even if you are doing it yourself, you need all of those aspects, preferably, before you start to sell your products. If not, you are going to struggle to reconciled and keep everything in synch.

Be wise when making decisions. Do not let yourself be blinded by shiny objects or be fooled by smooth talkers. If you are not sure follow your gut. At the end of the day you are in the driver seats. People have failed to listen to their inner voice, this has caused them to delay their success or even derail their companies. One thing to keep in mind is patience, a lot of people are lacking that. When you launch a company, blogs or a product it can take a couple of months before things start to move.