What kind of mischief have you done lately?

NaughtyAs children we all have done our shared of mischief. Between siblings, family members, or neighbors. We all got in trouble or got caught with our hand in the cookie jar…….

A little story to make everyone smile. As a child, during summer time, my mother used to purchase 3 different types of ice cream (single cup strawberry/vanilla, vanilla cones and single fruit sorbet). It was a treat we could enjoyed from time to time. We had two kinds of freezer one was in the entrance it was an upright with sliding doors. The second was in the garage near one of the cellars this one was a deep chest freezer. This one held the goods, those beautiful and so delicious ice cream treats. One day, I have no idea what came upon my sisters and I, but we decided without my mother’s approval to eat one cup of strawberry/vanilla. What was nice is that under the cover a small spoon was hidden.

We proceeded like good spies to have one of us by the stairs to watch if my mother would check on us. The other two would sneak into the garage then go for the gold… Well, well, well, temptation was too big to stop at one cup. We actually went for the pot of gold. My father had set up a tent for us behind the house.  Like good little thieves, we went to our headquarters with our goods, laughing quietly. We indulged ourselves, but now we had an issue, what to do with all the wrappers and empty cups?

My older sister thought of a genius idea. Why not throw them on the other side of the fence, to be precise on the north side of the house so no one could see them.  After all, on the other side the only thing were the cows. We should have thought about it a little harder. Why you may ask???  My mother figured out first, by looking inside of the freezer, some ice cream was missing. I should say all of them minus a couple of each type, in that moment I thought we should save one for each of our parents….  All those beautiful wrappers where not biodegradable at all, I can attest to it.

To make it worst the wind played a naughty role in that as well, instead of having them flying away, like we thought they would, they all came back against the fence. My mother saw all of them and we got in big trouble. We not only got punished severely but sadly for the rest of the summer ice cream wasn’t part of our life… We also had to pick up all the wrappers and cups….

What did you do that was naughty as a child?
How did you got out of your misdeeds?
How bad was your punishment?
Have you ever been able to get away with it?

Let’s fast forward to present time, what kind of mischief have you done lately? Now the holidays are over what exactly did you do that was naughty?
Did you eat something you were not supposed too and blame the kids?
Have you forgotten to pick a gift for your mate? At the last-minute, you had to go shopping, running like a mad man or women in a store?
Did you forgot to pick up the kids at school or an event?

From time to time, we are still doing mischief that could make our mate mad. But in retrospective it can be funny later as well.