Have you created your vision board?

LoveEveryone is getting ready for the upcoming new year, hoping it will unfold the way we wish.  Do you have some goals you would like to archive this year?

Have you created a vision board to help you?
If so, how does yours looks for this year?
Do you have anything you would love to archive first?
How often are you going to update your board?

If you haven’t created one yet, what is holding you back?
Do you feel you are not creative enough to make one?
Is a vision board something you feel is futile?

Actually, you do not need to be artistic to create a board, neither do you need to spend hundreds of dollars to make it.
You can use a simple piece of paper, list your wishes like:
– A new job where I can utilize my skills
– vacations in a warm place
– A new or used car that is an all-wheel drive
– Meet the mate that loves me for who I am
– start my own business
– buy a new house

You can add pictures to help you visualize. The internet is a great source to find what you are looking for. Like a picture of a house, a car or a sunny beach, print them off.  When you have gathered everything to create your board you need a few things. Tape or glue and for the backdrop you need a sturdy piece of paper. You can buy it, or you could use regular paper.

The last but most important step is location, location, location. Yes, you need the prime location in your home. Why is that so important, because you need to see the board every day. If you leave it in the closet or pantry you are not going to look at it. You can post it in your kitchen, bedroom, office if you have one, or even in your bathroom.

If you are using your kitchen for example, you do not need a backdrop paper. Your refrigerator will be the backdrop, you can use magnets to hold the pictures and your list. You can also use the cupboards to place the pictures and your list.

Take the time every day to spend a couple of minutes reading your list and look at the pictures. It will help your subconscious mind be impressed.
During the year, as you are completing your list, you can cross each of the items on the list off when they come to fruition.

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    1. Do you have created a vision board last year? You can share on this site what kind of board have you created? Have you completed what you had on your list?
      My blog is open for everyone to share ideas, comments. By doing so, we can help each other around the world.

      Hai creato una scheda di visione l’anno scorso. Puoi condividere su questo sito che tipo di tavola hai creato? Hai completato ciò che era nella tua lista?
      Il mio blog è aperto a tutti per condividere idee, commenti. Così facendo possiamo aiutarci a vicenda nel mondo.
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