Do you think fairy-tales are for the lucky ones?

FairytaleWhen I grew up, I always imagined myself to be a princess. Yup! you read it correctly, I was living in a beautiful castle. I was spoiled like a brat. I had the best clothes, a beautiful room. I was loved, I had everything I always wished for. In my imagination, I married an awesome prince that loved me. As in every fairy-tale we lived happily ever after.

In my world the reality of growing up was on the other side of the spectrum. There was no castle or prince waiting for me, just a little girl with a big imagination. As I grew up, I still used my imagination to escape my daily reality, to keep me sane.

I started to create my own fairy-tale life, by rising from a challenging and most unlikely place to succeed in life. I had a lot of hurdles to conquered, my own will pushed me where I am today. My inspiration came from my past lives, I knew I truly belong somewhere in this world.

The warrior in me never gave up, I knew I would succeed one way or the other. I had to build myself from the ground up. I had to reinvent myself, becoming closer to whom I truly am every day. Forging my own path, my own destiny going through uncharted territory.

I had to fight many battles, I healed my wounds to get to where I am today. Removing layers of pain and sorrow. Becoming the bright light, I could become. I had my share of faults and mistakes along my path, but I have never kept my eyes off my goal.

Throughout my journey, I have always loved to hear about a fairy-tale story, a true one. I never had a bone of envy about it. It just helped me to get my imagination reinvigorated, while I was moving along my path. The question was still lingering, would I get my happy fairy-tale ending?

I had no idea how my happy ending would manifest. Since I had thought on a few occasions, that what I had created was it, the Universe has proven it wasn’t so. I finally reached my happy ending by doing what I actually am meant to be doing.

Doing intuitive readings has been fulfilling. I can help individuals at their crossroads. I also bring the light, in that much needed moment, into people’s lives. Giving a new perspective and support to everyone. Being part of someone’s life for a moment to help them navigate the river that is called life. It is an extremely humbling experience and a constant reminder of what I am supposed to be doing.

As we see, some individuals in this world are having what appears to be a fairy-tale life. Do you think you are one of them or do you have to create your own fairy-tale?