Are you going to let your inner child be in 2018?

Inner ChildWe have entered a new year, the question I have for you is, are you going to let your inner child be?
After spending a couple of days off, we are now back into the madness of our own world.

Back at work and busy at home, some of us have made some resolutions to get more exercise, taking some vacations and so on. But what about your inner child? Are you planning to have a little fun in your daily lives? Are you going to ignore your inner child?

Everyone needs to play now and then. We have been so cut up in our own goals that we are forgetting to play.  This year, why not take the time to have a little fun???

I am actually talking about playing not competing against someone. Most people have forgotten what it’s like to play. Everyone has to turn everything into a competition. The spirit of playing is actually to have fun with everyone. It should not turn into a battle ground

It could be learning a new skill with your mate, children or friends. Something that is fun to do and will not turned into a contest. Most of us are not great losers, I can say I do not like to lose at all. But I have learned to remove the competitive side of me when playing. I have learned to really enjoy it, at the end it doesn’t matter if I win or lose.

I, personally, lost touch with my inner child, playing wasn’t a priority at all. I neglected that side of me for years, I finally had a chance to reclaimed it. Playing has become part of my life again. I must say, I enjoy every time I have a chance to play, I called upon my inner child for fun it has become part of my life again.

Did you play today?