Ode To Our Gorgeousness

FlowerAs we are moving through our journey, our spirit is guiding us if we are willing to listen.

Love is what makes us who we are. We could be wounded spirits but when we can heal and make peace, we can finally be whole. When we are whole we can radiate unconditional love, the pure gold of beauty flowing through us. We are one with the Universe.

Each breath we take, each moment we can exhale life we are the light that brings positivity into this world.

We are beautiful inside and out no matter what the “Standard” most people want to go by. Our uniqueness is what makes all of us gorgeous. We do not need to try to look like everyone else.

If you have curly hair let it be, do not try to straight it out. if you have freckles let them be seen.

Our Gorgeousness is our signature our trademark. Let your spirit be free, let your creativity show.  What makes us is the essence of the Universe. Our beautiful self, our right to be happy and embrace life to the fullest. We are in communion with our higher self, we are transcending love. We are becoming healers, we are one with the creator.

We are forgiveness, we are co-creating our destiny. Our view of the world has changed, we can see everyone’s’ spirit.  We are not alone we are now part of the beautiful realm of consciousness. Our ego is asleep, our Spirit is in the driver’s seat. We are present in our lives, we are not feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders.
We are embracing who we are, we are not hiding anymore. Conformity is not part of our standards anymore. We are connected at the highest level. Rejoicing to see ourselves finally like a butterfly expanding its’ wings to fly away. Let your Gorgeousness be free, regardless of what others have to say. Be free, be beautiful, be you, that’s what it is all about.