How Transparent are you in your life?

LifeI would like to go further with the word transparent, this time the focus is about us.
How transparent are you in your life?

I have seen a lot of people speaking about transparency but again the same question comes along. How transparent are you?

Have you always told everyone the truth?
Do you always communicate efficiently, or have you misled others?
Do you share via social media your every move?
In social settings do you always say what you want to say?
Does your mate always know where you are or what you think?
Have you shared your deepest desires with anyone?
Do you feel you are living up to your potential or are you hiding behind a smoke screen?

As human beings we are extremely complex, deciding to become transparent with everyone can be an interesting journey. Transparency requires first to be fully honest with yourself. You need to be ready to embrace who you are. As you’re changing your awareness so are the people around you. It could be a great opportunity to grow closer to one another, letting the walls downs and be open, to be seen.

During the process of becoming transparent you are beginning to learn about yourself. You are starting to see people around you in a different light. Gaining a better understanding of your life and your environment, that can be a life changing experience. It can also unveil who is ready to embrace this new found consciousness in your world. You could be surprised that some individuals would be more than happy to embrace the same philosophy. You could even start a movement that could bring more positivity to our world.

Being transparent will attract people to you because you embody trust, genuineness and authenticity. People will recognize those quality within you.
Living an authentic life makes you grounded. You do not have to hide who you are neither do you have to pretend to be someone else.

Our complexity is what makes us who we are. Being transparent is only one facet of our beautiful self. You do not have to share your every move via social media. Being present and transparent in your life is the best gift you can share with the people that surround you.