What are your objectives for next year?

GoalsAs we are approaching the end of the year, busy to get ready for the holidays, we can reflect on what we have accomplished this year.
The goals we have meet successfully, and the goals we have missed.
Looking back at this year do you have any regrets?
Have you let opportunities pass you by? Like a job opportunity or new relationships, you could have strengthened at work?
Did you failed to put yourself first in your life? Were you taking care of everyone, but not yourself, and by the time you wanted to do something for yourself you were either too tired or just forgot about it?

Have you ever taken time for yourself?  Did you take time during the week to do something like going to a spa, taking a cooking class or meeting with your friends for a night out?
Have you volunteered this year for a cause that is close to you heart?

Have you thought about the goals you would like to be accomplished this upcoming year?
Before you start creating a new set of goals, ask yourself the following questions:
How can I improve my life? Can I balance my life to be in harmony between work and home?

Looking at your home life, do you think you can take a couple of hours each week for yourself? Can you reconnect with friends you have not seen for a while? How can you stay connected with your family outside of social media? Social media has taken a big space in everyone’s life. Connecting at a personal level is the key to staying in touch with everyone.
Are you going to set up a date night with your mate once a week or even every few weeks?

At work how can you improve your stress level? It is becoming difficult at times to keep our stress level low. Deadlines changing, company reorganization, promotions etc. Constant changes can send you running in ten different directions at the same time. How can you find the time to slow down in the middle of the chaos? Can you take the time to walk outside for 5 minutes? Can you make your working space more Feng Shui? Cleaning up the clutter in your office can help you remove the stress you may feel.

How many goals are you going to add to your list?
I would recommend not adding more than five. If your list has more it could be overwhelming. Too many goals can lead you to quit before you even get started. It is better to do baby steps and accomplished the few goals you have. You can always add more if you have accomplished what you originally listed.

Ask yourself that question, why am I adding each goal to my list? Am I doing it for myself or am I driven by someone else? If you are starting to use these goals to compete against someone else, it will not be a healthy way to accomplished them. It could even lead you to be resentful if you cannot get them done. Each goal should be about what you can do for you unless it is done with another person in a non-competitive way.
Can you involved your family by having one or two goals for you to do with them? Like game night or family trip. You could also have them be part of the process. This could be fun to have everyone setting up some goals together.

Be realistic on your goals as well. Regarding the goals you missed this year, are you planning on adjusting them for next year?