Are you sure you are with the right Mate?

marriageGoing through our journey we are bound, most likely, to fall in love. Some individuals will meet their “soulmate” early in their lives. They will marry them, have beautiful children and spend the next 50 plus years living in bliss.

For those who have not met the one yet, the quest has begun to find their soulmate.
Through the process of finding your mate you will be faced with choices along the road that will be life changing.
You could rush into relationships blindly, only to realized down the road this is not the right person for you. In the meantime, you get married and have children. In most cases separation will be inevitable, everyone will partway. Or you could stay with that person only to be unfulfilled and dissatisfied the rest of your life.

Before rushing into such a relationship, you should take the time to review where you are in your life.
– Are you doing it because you feel the pressure around you? Some individuals feel the need to move to the next step in their relationship because they have seen all their friends getting married. They feel the pressure to conform to their environment.

– Are you moving forward because your mate is pressuring you? Sometimes you can feel the pressure from your mate. They want to settle down even if they know deep inside you are not meant to be together. You feel the need to settle because you do not want to be alone or go back to the dating scene again.

– Are you ready to enter the next level in your relationship? Do you see yourself spending the rest of your life with this individual? Can you see yourself growing older with him/her? Are you sure you are not lying to yourself, thinking this is the best I can do? Some individuals will settle with a person because they are thinking this the best they can do. By thinking this way, you are not allowing yourself to find the right mate. But you are also depriving your current mate to be with the right person.

– The divorce rate in the US is over 50%, the data is telling us something. People have been thought the following, going to school, get a job and get married all under the age of 30, but a few years down the road half of them will be divorced.

– Why so many divorces you may ask? Because they are not ready, they are not mature enough. If you aren’t mature enough when you are moving to the next level, later as you are growing you come to realized that the person you thought you were in love with is not the right mate.

– In the world we live in, everything is done at a fast pace. If you are in a relationship for over 2 years, the general assumption is “you need to get married”. On the other hand, if you are not married or engaged before the age of 30 something must be wrong with you! Not everyone needs to be married by the age of 30. You can find your soulmate at any age, going through life being in a loveless relationship, is it truly worth it? Going astray of your marriage to fulfill the gap you currently have in your life is not healthy, but it is also unfair to your partner.

It is wiser to wait than to make a mistake.
Do not cave under pressure from your environment
If the relationship you are currently in is not the right one, maybe you need to let the other person go.
Everyone deserves to find their soulmate.
Do not settle if this is not the right person because you are afraid to be alone.
Be in the driver’s seat!  Do not let anyone else make the decision for you, especially if you know they are not the right one.
Follow your gut feeling.