How do you go about forgiveness

hopeIn our journey we go through life lessons that are hurtful. I have encountered individuals that were so resentful towards individuals that hurt them so deeply, their wounds would not heal, they were trapped in the vicious circle of negativity. Their lives were not going anywhere, they couldn’t get pass their life lessons. They were so traumatized they were angry at the world.

Trying to reach out to them was nearly impossible their ego was protecting them. Their souls were suffocating, reliving their traumas repeatedly. Anger became their best friend, it was their new normal.

How do you get passed the hurt and move on to forgiveness?
Forgiveness is a word that is misunderstood by a lot of people. When you speak to someone about forgiveness they think that they must forget what a person has done to them. When in fact, the true meaning of forgiveness is to let go. Cutting the cord between you and the individual that has hurt you. Taking back the power, you gave to that person at the time the situation unfolded.

As traumatic as life can be, we must learn to cope with pain and sorrow. Anger is part of the healing process, but to heal completely you need to go through all the phases. If you are stuck in the anger’s phase you are not moving forward, you are stalling. You can be in this phase for months even years. The longer you stay in this phase the harder it becomes to let go.

When individuals are living with anger and resentment this is the only thing they know. It becomes difficult for them to move on because they are afraid. They do not know what to do, they are so accustomed to that feeling it would be like removing a limb from them. The first thing they need to do is to talk to their ego, they need to reassure their ego everything will be alright. It is safe to let these feeling go and send love to their ego. When the ego is in a state of quietness than you can hear your soul.

When your soul is in charge than the healing process can be completed. If your ego is in charge, anger, resentment, even being frightened will be what’s driving you every day. Until you make the conscience decision to change your behavior you will always be in this negative state of mind.

Taking back your power is the most critical thing to do. No one should ever have power over you at any given time.

Forgiveness is a wonderful state that brings you the feeling of unconditional love. You are in communion with the Universe. You are getting their blessings.

Forgiveness lets you move to the next level in your journey.