What inspires you at work

Inspiration I am always curious when speaking with people, what inspires them?
I have seen individuals driven by the need to be in the front line, ready to find the latest breakthrough that would help mankind.

What inspires us can come from different avenues. It could be coming from work where we are driven by their inspiration to move mountains. It can be at home with our family where there is love, encouragement and caring.

Let’s have a view at work.
What is it with your Company that really inspires you?
Are the core values of the company what resonates with you?
Is the company living what they are preaching?
Do you feel nurture and support in your daily work?
Is management inspiring you to excel at your job?
Are you making a difference in your job?
Do you feel you are visible inside of your company?
Is growing with the company a factor that inspires you?
Does coming to work inspire you?

If you are not inspired at work, what needs to change for you to have the spark that will trigger you to excel at work?
Is it the way the company is behaving that is an issue?
Are the core values matching what is going on inside of the company?
Do you feel management doesn’t motivate you to excel at your job?
Are you so under motivated that you are only waiting for your paycheck?
Do you see yourself moving up in the company?

How management can inspire people.
As a manager do you ever ask yourself, how can I motivate my team?
Are my management skills inspiring anyone?
Am I nurturing my team to be inspired and successful?
Do I really engaged with everyone on my team or only the few I feel comfortable interacting with?
How can I changed my behavior in a way everyone feels included?

Small changes can make a huge difference and inspire people to give their best.
Make sure everyone is being seen. If you are ignoring some individuals based on affinity, they are not going to be motivated. They are going to do the minimum requirement to get by. In some cases, those individuals could be the key that could make your team succeed, but if you do not inspire them you could be missing out on great opportunities.

If you are not motivated at work maybe it is time for you to move on to a new team or a new company that can provide you the spark that will inspire you.