How To Be present In Our Lives

Staying grounded and present in our lives can be challenging. With all the social media’s bombarding us constantly day and night, we can get swallowed into the cyber world forgetting who we are. We are losing touch with the reality we are living in. Checking our phones every 5 minutes for the latest news or gossip. Upsetting ourselves with the changes the world is experiencing.
How can we balance our lives between the cyber world and keep an authentic connection at home?
We have become so addicted to our smartphones and tablets, we are not looking at our surroundings. We are out of touch with our own reality.
The best way to reclaim a healthy balance is to start to change our behaviors. We can make those changes gradually or some individuals prefer to go “cold turkey”
What would it take for you to make a couple of changes in your habits to regain this balance?
When you wake up in the morning what do you do first? Do you go straight to your phone start to look at your texts, messages or social media?
If yes, how about delaying checking your phone for 10 to 30 minutes. During this time why not turning the music on and have a nice breakfast? Even do a little dance which will wake up your inner child. Turn off the TV, no news
One of the biggest regrets Einstein had at the end of his life, was to have not played enough. Playing is the best way to start your day, you are relaxed and open to the Universe. Your energy will be in a state of equilibrium.
During the day take 5 minutes to go outside if you can, walk around the building. This will help you to stretch but also relax. If you cannot do it during the day, do the breath of life. How do we do that? Seat straight on your chair both feet on the ground. Breath from the nose slowly imagine you are breathing from the feet up to you. Exhale from the mouth like you are blowing candles, have the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth. This will stop your thoughts. Repeat this 3 time than go on about your business. Repeat the breathing technique several times during the day. This technique is extremely helpful if you are stressed or need to ground yourself.
Spend time with friends by doing activities like cooking classes those are fun ways to spend a few hours connecting with mankind.
You can also go to a bed & breakfast if you have one near your home, this can be a very nice getaway.
Spend a day hiking or walking in a park, or on a trail. This can be very invigorating.
If you want to play more just get some papers, crayons and draw. Even if you think you cannot do that just play with the colors, this is fun! Your inner child will love it, it will help you to connect your Inner child with your inner adult.
Turn off your computer, smart phone and tablets for one day.

We are living in a world where everything is going so fast, we are forgetting to play. Being ourselves requires us to remember who we are. We are not our smartphone, we are not the cyber world. We need to take time to slow down even for a few hours to regain our balance. But most of all reconnect with each other.