8 Easy Ways To Stay Drama Free At Work

In this time and age, it can be challenging to keep your life private. In a working environment, where most of the walls are thinner than paper and some workplaces have opted for working in open space to create a more collaborative work environment. It can be extremely challenging to not be involved indirectly into someone else’s business. Privacy has become a luxury. You can stop by the water cooler to find a couple of co-workers talking about their lives, exchanging their views on what Jeanna is wearing today, or complaining about Bob, who always arrives late but is the first one to leave.

Some individuals cannot help but interject themselves into everyone else’s business. While invading someone’s space they then spend their time  giving unwanted advice.

Let’s not forget the co-worker, who like a blue bird,  spends  time trolling around the office like a prison guard, looking to see what everyone is doing. Reporting to the power of the bees everyone’s move, thinking what they are doing is a great service to the company.

It can at time feel like being in a fishbowl that is overcrowded. You can’t wait until the end of the day to leave.

How can you stay out of the drama in a workplace?

1) Keep your private life out of the office. I have heard many individuals who have spent most of their day complaining about their significant other, their in-laws,  etc.  It is horrifying to hear the details of their lives being displays to the delight of some individuals. This creates an open door for everyone to give unwanted advice and often embellish the scenarios.

2) Mind your own business. By minding your own business, you are spending your time focusing on your deadlines. You are keeping yourself out of the negativity, also keeping the attention of the gossipers away from you.

3) Align yourself with individuals that have a more positive attitude.

4) Spend your lunch time outside of the office, this can help to recharge your energy.

5) If you have a private phone conversation move to a conference room or outside.

6) If a nosy co-worker is trying to intrude into your space, just nicely ask them if they need something from you. If they continue to intrude, just smile, turn yourself toward your desk  and continue to work. After doing this a few times, they will not come back but may try to find someone else to annoy.

7) Do not be one of the gossips, keep information private.

8) What I also found helpful was to have a  headphone sets playing music when co-workers were talking loudly near me. This helped me to keep myself focused and sane while drama was unfolding near me.