Interview With A Psychic

I am interviewing Emmanuelle Di Gallo to gain insights about the world of psychic

What is the question most people ask when they talk to you, in regards of your gifts?

–          I am always asked, what is the difference between a six sensory, intuitive, medium and psychic? There is no difference between a six sensory, intuitive, medium they are all psychic.

What kind of psychic are you? Are you someone who sees, feels, or hears?

–          When I do a reading remotely or in person, I receive messages from all those senses. Some of my readings will start by seeing someone next to the person for whom I am doing the reading. It could also be a screen in front of my eyes showing me a movie. I can ask sometimes to have it rewind for me to see everything. I also hear voices that will give me messages. I sense the energies that surrounds the client

Are you using any tools like tarot cards, pendulum, stones, during your sessions with your clients?

–          I do not use any tools to support my reading. I open the channel between myself and the Universe, information flows through that channel.

Do you receive messages everyday?
–       Yes, I do receive messages daily even if I am not in my practice.

Can you turn off your Psychic abilities?

–       I have been living with those abilities since I was a child it is part of who I am. It is natural for me to be in constant communication with the Universe. Receiving messages is routine in my “world” I would not change that. I can if I really wanted but I choose not to do it.

Do you think everyone is a psychic or is it only a few that are?

–          We all are psychic in our own way. Some have their gifts fully developed, some have them partially developed and others have not developed their gifts. For example, have you ever meet someone you had a bad feeling about?  Later, you learned that person was not who they seemed to be? On the opposite of the spectrum you are going to the casino with your friends. You are not planning on playing the machines but all the sudden you feel the urge to go play at one of the machines. You get up go to the one that caught your attention and guess what? You win $1K that night! These feelings are psychic. Everyone has those moments when you feel you are in the flow and things are happening the right way. Or you are being warned of a danger you have a choice.  You listen to that inner voice telling you not to go and you don’t. We have free Will You are the one in the driver seat.

How do you prepare for a reading as a psychic?

–          I have a meditation room where I go while I am doing a reading on the phone. It is a quiet room where the energy of the Universe is the most powerful. It is extremely peaceful. I do not have any distraction when I am in that room. I ground myself and open the channel to the Universe. I also do readings outside of my practice as well, I only need to ground myself and open the channel to the Universe.

How should we prepare to receive a reading?

–          Before the reading you should take 5 to 10 minutes prior to center yourself. You need to slow down and be in the present moment. You need a quiet space with no TV, music or any kind of distraction. Have a pen and paper on hand, write the questions you have. If you can record the session, it’s great, otherwise write everything. A session can be overwhelming, there is a lot of information that can be given. You are not going to remember everything, it is always best to take notes.

Have you ever given readings where the person doesn’t understand the information that was given to them from the Universe?

–          Yes, I remind my clients some of the information will not make sense at the time of the reading but later when things are shifting in their lives, that information would be relevant, it could be few weeks, a month or year.

What advice would you give to a new client?

–          Come with an open mind, sometimes you do not want to hear what the Universe has to say. Sometimes what you think is not what the Universe sees. The Universe has a bird’s eye view of your life. The information I receive comes from a place that is positive. It is always for the highest good of the client, remember you have free will to decide what you want to do with that information. You can trust the process, trust the Universe, trust yourself and trust the information or you can discard that information.

Do you come across individuals that do not believe in psychic?

–          Yes, I do, I have been asked a few times if I could prove I am a psychic. I always mention to them I am not here to make them a believer neither am I going to convert them. I would not put on a show for them as well. If you believe great, if not, great. My mission is to help people who are seeking guidance not convert or force what I see on anyone. We all have free will.

Would you like to share one life changing event in your life that validated your gifts?

–          One of those events was my mother’s car crash accident in Europe about 2 years ago. I wasn’t made aware of her car crash, I knew something was wrong, I was getting messages from the Universe. A week after her accident she went into cardiac arrest, was clinically dead for 3 minutes. She was induced into a coma by the doctors and afterward transferred to an intensive care unit at a city hospital specialized in Neurological medicine. While I had no information of what just happened, my uncle contacted me to let me know she was involved in an accident he had no details about her condition. I contacted one of my sisters who lives 7 hours away from her. As I was on the phone with her neither one of us had any idea how it happened, or what was the extent of her injuries. I was sitting in a chair in my living room the tv was on. I saw a screen in front of my eyes showing me how the accident happened. I could see through that screen my living room and the tv. She was driving her car, I saw a truck hitting her car. The impact was front-end impact to the driver’s side of her vehicle. I could see the impact from all angles, it was extremely powerful. I saw the driver of the truck and the other person sitting near him. The Universe showed me that her spinal cord was damaged, it was swollen. The hospital she was taken made a critical mistake they should have kept her on traction since she had broken ribs and spine. Instead they decided to move her from the traction to a cast without taking the proper MRI. The cast compressed the swollen spinal cord the edema traveled to the brain. I also saw her walking with a cane slightly limping on one side. After I mentioned that to my sister and my Uncle, I heard from my older sister, who told us the story while my mother was in critical condition in the induced coma. At that point this confirmed what I saw, her recovery was expedited because one of my sisters is a powerful healer, she helped her. Within 4 weeks after she was awakened from her induced coma they moved her from intensive care to a regular room. The doctors were amazed how my mother recovered quickly after her brain injury, and a broken back, I need to mention she is 70 years old. She is now walking with a cane with only a slight limp. She is doing well after what she has been through.

I am planning to write an article about her story, based on some events. I saw some of the nurses who worked in intensive care who were doing more harm than good to the patients. I could stop some of them by letting my sisters know about it since my mother couldn’t talk, they made sure it would not happen to her again. I even gave the description of the nurses, so they would not approach her at all.

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