Walking into the light

As I stepped into the unknown my heart was pounding into my chest, I felt a sense of peace hovering over me. The feeling of freedom was palpable, it was beautiful I felt the light of love shining upon me. I felt blessed, I felt whole, I felt connected with the Universe. I wasn’t alone anymore, the veil of sadness was gone. The years living in that world was washing away.
I felt reborn, in my exhilaration I had no idea what was to come, this feeling was intoxicating. I trusted the Universe, by breaking the glass I finally opened my world to endless possibilities.
Nothing was going to stop me, I became a co-creator with the Universe. It felt good, I couldn’t help but smile as I took my first steps into the unknown.
My faith was stronger than steel, I was ready to be in charge of my life I wasn’t dependable of others.
Whatever was coming my way, I was in the driver seat and not in the codependency of someone. It was time to be on my own in order to grow to become who I am today. I knew my path would be different than most people, I felt it deep in my core. I was ready to embrace that, I wouldn’t settle until I was ready. I wasn’t going to compromised my soul for anyone.
What came into my life from that point on would be my true life lessons some of them were extremely difficult to go through. Even when I had one finger gripping the ledge dangling like an ornament from a tree, ready to fall into the abyss of negativity. Somehow, I found the strengths I need it to pull myself off the ledge and walk away. I also had some small reprieve between each lesson, but they became shorter as the Universe reminded me I needed to step up to my life mission.
Each time I had to go through the next life lesson, it felt like going back down the raging river called life. I barely healed from the wounds of the previous life lesson, it was exhausting but it wasn’t my time table it was the Universe.
I kept my faith even in dire situations, I always found a way to trust the Universe. The fighter in me always stood up ready to go to battle. As I was resting, I asked the Universe was it necessary for me to go through those horrifying life lessons? Would it be easier to just give me the quick version? I never truly got an answer. I knew since I was committed to my journey, I couldn’t run away from those lessons no matter what kind of bargain I would tried to negotiate with the Universe.

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